June 21, 2011

A moving tale with perfectly timed twists and turns

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Book cover, The Violets of March, by Sarah Jio

Last week, we stayed overnight at The Marcus Whitman Hotel in Walla Walla (where Jason attended college). Walla Walla is a favorite spot for us and the last stop on our recent 3400 mile road trip to the Southwest on our iron steeds. I was so looking forward to some downtime—reading outdoors in the warm sun, sipping a good Mocha Frappuccino, feasting on a scrumptious dinner out, and of course, imbibing from a delectable selection of local wines.

The afternoon I arrived, with Starbucks in hand, I wandered over to The Book & Game Company, my favorite independent bookstore in town. On the local authors shelf, I spotted the book, The Violets of March, and when I saw that the story took place on Bainbridge, one of my favorite local islands, I had to add it to my reading stack. I just finished reading it this morning after my workout. Fortunately, I had my big sunglasses on so other coffeeshop patrons couldn’t see the big blobs forming in my eyes as I headed out to my car. Few novels have that effect and I just had to capture what the experience of reading this book had on me.

The story, and the way it opened up, developed, and lingered, was just beautiful. As a reader, it touched my heart so. It was easy to see how it was written from the heart, the author sharing what she knows and loves. Many a page made me either sigh out loud as the hints of a new love unfolded or had me biting my lip in anticipation for the next revelation in the unwinding of old secrets. Sarah Jio’s writing inspires me to continue to put my heart and soul in writing what I know and love.

Job well done, Sarah, and here’s hoping The Bungalow is a smashing success.

P.S.  While I haven’t had my share of wood violets appear at random in my garden, I am a big fan of gathering them to concoct some wild violet vinegar.


  1. Sarah said,

    Thank you for this beautiful review of my novel! I am so happy to hear that you enjoyed it, and I hope you’ll like THE BUNGALOW just as much! Thanks so much for all the kind comments. I was really touched. xo P.S. I can’t wait to read about wild violet vinegar! I’ve never heard of that!

  2. […] recently heard from a woman named Teresa, who blogs here, who read my novel recently and wrote this beautiful review. As I was reading her post, I learned […]

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