September 8, 2011

Writers folly

Posted in Writing at 12:13 AM by moxiemuse

Some fun writer stuff today:

  • The New York Times has great cartoon today regarding favorite snacks of writers. Most days I follow the Michael Pollan routine (except I use a ceramic cup festooned with peacock feathers) but then there are “those” days that the Truman Capote version is a welcome stand-in. My husband claims he’s a cross between Truman Capote and Mary Roach. I beg to differ but we’ll let it go this time.
  • Along that theme, here’s another great cartoon that pits the appearance of office workers against writers. I can so relate to the latter one.
  • This past weekend, we toured some San Juan Islands and happened upon a great store, The Writers Workshoppe, in Port Townsend. I would like in Port Townsend just to be able to have this resource at hand. Of course, it would also help if I didn’t have a day job 😉 as most classes are held during the day, making it impossible when you’re a ferry ride, and then some, away. I’m hoping they’ll have some spring weekend classes, making the jaunt across the pond a bit easier. My husband found a great tea mug there that he insisted I take and use at work. It said, “Careful or you’ll be a character in my next novel”. Isn’t that fab? 🙂

P.S. I’ll add to this post as time goes by with whatever tickles my writer’s fancy.

P.P.S. In case you were wondering, I know how to add a hyperlink in a blog post but for whatever reason, the function isn’t working for me today 😦