About me

Symbala for my online persona, MoxieMuse

Symbala for my online persona, MoxieMuse

Welcome to my space. I am MoxieMuse.

I commissioned artist, Lahrinda Eileen of Creative Health, to create a symbala representing my online persona and the result is this beautiful piece with the letter “M” everywhere, flames, parachutes, rainbows, hearts, auras, saucers, bats–you name it, you can see it there.

I chose this alias, MoxieMuse, as it eloquently represents both sides of how I see myself: sometimes using moxie to approach situations and other times, stepping back and musing first then acting or, sometimes, musing as my sole response.

I will use this space to post occasional musings about my work, my industry, my interests, my friends, my travels, and whatever else piques my curiousity about life on planet Earth.

As a vocation and an avocation, I am a creative and innovative communications specialist.

After eight years freelancing and contracting in the high-tech industry in the Seattle area, I joined Microsoft in 2006 as a technical writing lead in the Windows Phone division. In spring 2011, I left Microsoft to pursue more creative work that allows me to have more variety and flexibility in the projects I take on, both here and abroad.

I enjoy creating customer-facing content for traditional deliverables (help & how-to) to multimedia (viral and instructional videos) to social media outputs (Facebook, blogs, YouTube). I have a track record of producing effective technical and marketing content, including videos. I have a proven ability to manage IT-related projects and contract staff. I have a talent for analyzing problems and simplifying processes. I also have a passion for generating and implementing new ideas. I’m skilled at building effective, productive working relationships with customers and partners in various industries in the US and Canada. I’m also moderately fluent in conversational Italian and French.

I am the Microsoft Innovation columnist for Seattle’s EXAMINER.COM and while I haven’t posted there in a while, I’ll be picking up the pace soon.

I’ve worked with local and regional companies such as Microsoft, Oracle, Puget Sound Energy, Milmanco Corporation, Swedish Hospital, TCCI, Transformational Enterprises, and Weyerhaeuser.

My personal interests are varied, spanning the areas of health/fitness, healing modalities, gardening, the world of investing, philanthropy, motorcycling, reading/writing, and all things spiritual in nature and how all of them are intertwined in some way. I’ll touch on each of them individually and collectively as this space matures.

I welcome your feedback. Check out my other blog http://moxiemusespark.wordpress.com for more musings about the writing and artistic life.


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  1. Jan Faust said,

    Hi Teresa,

    You write well. I am glad Jason shared this with me. I hope you are doing well or at least trying to stay above the fray; sometimes that’s pretty difficult.

    I hope you don’t mind my suggestion but do you mean URL instead of URI in the third box down?


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