September 10, 2009

Old Essene Exercise of Purification and Health

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Stand in living nature, between the earth and the sky. Feel the earth under your feet; feel how the earth carries you and holds you up. Feel the infinite sky above you; it inspires, straightens, and elevates you. In the sky, think of the origin of your spirit and of your intelligence. In the sky, think of the origin of your eternal soul, of the higher universal consciousness. In the earth, think of the origin of your terrestrial soul, of your individual consciousness. Feel yourself as a living union of the forces of the sky and the earth, of the infinite and the development.

Kneel on the ground, and with your right hand, dig a little hole in the earth. Put your hands together in front of the center of your chest (mystical heart), in the sign of prayer and inner union with heaven and earth within you. In this sacred posture, let a beautiful light, a force, a presence of the heaven flow through you: the omnipresence of the Father of all living beings. You can imagine a diamond light, transparent like pure water. Bend down with love before Mother Earth, and place your hands around the little hole. Bend down completely so that your mouth is laid on your hands. Offer then by your word the “thank you” of heaven to Mother Earth; offer also the “thank you” of your heart, and, through it, the “thank you” of the heart of humanity. Pronounce the words:”Mother Earth, I offer you the “thank you” of my heart and, through it, the “thank you” of the heart of all men and women. May all beings that you carry within your bosom, nurture, protect, and let grow be blessed.”

Stretch yourself out on the ground and abandon yourself totally to the earth. That your body and your soul born from it be one with the Mother-Earth and her hidden splendor. Think and say:”Mother Earth, take all of my illnesses and my faults according your will, so that I may receive the blessing of the heavenly Spirit to transmit it to all living beings according his will.”Remain in silent communion while letting the earth purify you completely.

Rise to your knees again, and put your hands together in front of the rose of the sun of the heart. Think in your spirit, feel in your soul, and say with your force of life:”With love and gratitude, I offer my loving “thank you” filled with light. To the Mother Earth, thank you; To the water of life, thank you; To the precious air, thank you; To the sacred fire, thank you; To the stable minerals, thank you; To the plants, thank you; To the animals, thank you; To humanity walking on the path of evolution, thank you; To all of the angels, thank you; To the cosmic intelligence which created my thought, thank you; To the ocean of love which created my sensibility, thank you; To the universal life which impregnated my future with the seed of individuality, thank you; To all of the beings of the world, I give my “thank you” within Him, the unique Source who unites all beings within the origin and the goal.”Fold your arms on your chest, bow slightly your head, and pronounce the word of conclusion: “Amen”.

Then, refill the hole that you had dug to speak to the Mother of the world. By practicing such exercises, which are totally suitable for our contemporary life, you will notice that you receive a force of balance and harmony which lets you remain more centered and be more yourself in life.


June 12, 2009

Trailblazing at a big networking event

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Tomorrow, I’m attending the 2nd Annual Women’s Empowerment Summit in Seattle, and I’m so jazzed to be sharing with other women my holistic makeover journey over the past 6 months. I shall be part of a panel discussion, moderated by Dr. Pat Bacili, and joined by 3 other fellow makeover particpants.

I’ll post more information after the Summit. For now, here is a sneak peek:


Holistic Life Makeover Guest Appearances

Sponsored by: Ummelina Spa 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM

This past February, The Dr. Pat Show, carefully hand-selected eight amazing women who were willing to take control of their lives from the inside out. As participants in Dr. Pat’s First Annual Holistic Makeover Series, these women were required to confront all areas of their well-being, commit to action, and create a pay-it-forward project.

This twelve-week journey of intense wellness education provided by Dr. Pat and a team of human potential experts, has inspired hundreds of thousands of listeners across the U.S.

Now we invite you to listen to the life-changing experiences and projects these eight powerful women have created in for lives and their communities.

April 10, 2009

My life with thee: 10 years of loving and laughing

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Wiley hanging out in my basket

Wiley hanging out in my basket

NOTE: I realize that this is a post about my anniversary but I couldn’t resist placing a picture of the fruit of our loins right in the center of the post. OK, so he’s not exactly from our loins but you get the picture. Basically, his royal purrballness is a joint accomplishment and his timing is impeccable: I was looking for a picture of Jason and I together and couldn’t easily find one. Shame on me, I know, but hey, Wiley is a decent facsimile 😉

Onto the mushy stuff…

Jason makes me laugh. And wonder. And think deeply about what matters most. Did I mention laugh? We’ve carved out a collective niche in this world, supporting each other in our individual pursuits while simulatneously finding and growing shared interests. I used to joke in the first few years of our marraige that I’d like the epitaph on my tombstone to read: “Here lies Teresa. Her greatest accomplishment was her loving marriage.” I still abide by that statement although I now know that the real reason my marriage is so loving is due to the amount of time each of us has spent and continue to spend on knowing, understanding, and growing our respective inner selves.

He is my ‘oneliest and onlyest’, and I, his.

Here’s to another decade, and then some!

Ti amo tesoro per sempre e un giorno xoxoxoxoxoxoxox I look forward to celebrating big time with my family in Italy this June.

Happy anniversary, M.H.H.S.S.S.L.P.O.E.P.B.T.B.(dual-rated) M.R. husband-pud 🙂

March 30, 2009

Happy birthday to me

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March 25th had come and gone and I was kind of craving a birthday cake so on the 26th after dinner, Jason surprised me with a delicious gluten-free, flour-free chocolate truffle cake. OH. MY. GRACIOUS. It was scrumptious and dense and had to be eaten over 4 days because its density and richness demanded very small slices.

Picture of my birthday cake 2009

Picture of my birthday cake 2009

Actually, I’m dragging out my birthday week through to the weekend. Jason and I enjoyed a drawn out and delicious repast at El Gaucho in Bellevue. To start, we enjoyed cocktails, El Gaucho’s signature cheesey bread, and Caesar salad dressed tableside.

Picture of Jason and I at El Gaucho Steakhouse for my birthday

Picture of Jason and I at El Gaucho Steakhouse for my birthday

I ordered Dungeness king crab legs and Jason chose the hazelnut-encrusted rack of lamb. El Gaucho serves their side dishes paesano-style and so we shared sauteed spinach and skillet hashbrowns. To whet our whistles with the main course, the sommelier suggested a spicey Betz syrah.

Wine label for Betz 2005 La Cote Rousse Syrah -- Red Mountain

Wine label for Betz 2005 La Cote Rousse Syrah -- Red Mountain

We cleansed our palate with fresh fruit, nuts, and blue cheese on wafers. We weren’t going to have dessert but they convinced us to enjoy, compliments of the restaurant,  the quintessential New Orleans favorite, Bananas Foster.
Our dinner was a true representation of dining alchemy: good food, great conversation, good service, and a lovely ambiance.
We finished our evening enjoying a modern rendition of “Not Now, Darling” by the Microsoft Theatre Troupe. The plot is a farce set around a fur salon in London. The acting was first-rate and we thoroughly enjoyed passing the time in the makeshift theater that is the Building 31 cafeteria.
Poster of the play, Not Now, Darling, by Microsoft Theater Troupe

Poster of the play, Not Now, Darling, by Microsoft Theater Troupe