June 21, 2011

My foray into increased wellness

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Monday, June 20th, Jason and I are embarking on a new wellness program called The Metabolic Effect. I’m going to use this platform to blog about our progress. Gasp! I’ve gone public and there’s no turning back. Just as well that we have all of our friends and family keeping us accountable.

So why now and why this?

Well, because it is time we move the dial on our fitness/weight loss goals. As for why this program, our trainer, Jill Crippen, had good personal and client success by following this program. In her infinite wisdom and sincere desire to see us succeed with our goals, Jill suggested we try it to crank our wellness up a notch 😉

In late March, I thought I’d ease into it by first reading the book, The New ME Diet: Eat More, Workout Less, and Actually Lose Weight While You Rest. I liked what I read and knew that it was something I wanted to try in a few months when my life settled down a bit.

The program seemed doable and I like doable 🙂 The authors (and brothers) Jade and Keoni Teta offer a practical approach to unlocking fat-burning hormones and revving up my metabolism. What’s not to like about that?!

When Jill told us about a Groupon.com deal for $39 for the 10 week online program, we jumped at the chance and bought two packages just in the nick of time before the offer expired. Phew!

Here’s the scoop:

In addition to an in-person, in-studio program in North Carolina, the company offers an online self-paced, and email based body change and coaching program. It is designed to determine the key areas of our metabolism that must be supported to burn fat more efficiently. Also, it screens brain chemistry with in-depth questionnaires to pinpoint our imbalances and eliminate some of the traditional challenges with willpower that we might encounter during a lifestyle change.

We’ll also be given instructions on the exercise protocols required to accelerate fat burning and improve muscle tone and body shape. These workouts are supplied via an Internet portal where we can see the workouts and then do them at home or have Jill help us incorporate them into our workouts with her twice a week.

The strength of the program lies in the coaching component. We’ll interact continuously with the Metabolic Effect staff throughout the process. We’ll receive daily emails and weekly audio lectures that cover everything we could ever hope to know about fat loss and the new fat loss lifestyle we’ve signed up for this summer. These lectures focus on diet and exercise, but also cover lifestyle and belief.

As an added benefit, we’ll be able to interact with other participants on a forum where we can ask questions of the ME staff and each other to help us learn through shared experiences.

Finally, this program is meant to deliver results, and is not a quick fix or crash diet. Instead, the program will teach us the new science of fat loss and helps us learn, practice, and master sustainable habits to last long after the 10 weeks are over.

We’re excited about embarking on this adventure together. Follow along, track our progress, send us encouragement, and help us meet our new wellness goals! Stay tuned for updates weekly as we learn and grow (smaller).


October 5, 2009

Think Redmond

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I  just found out about ThinkRedmond.com, a website promoting local Redmond businesses. Many of the businesses offer a discount for their products and/or services, which is a great incentive for visiting them.

I’m a big fan of shopping locally especially small, family-owned or single proprietor businesses. I go out of my way to shop at these stores before going to chain stores. I’m blessed that there are so many wonderful shops in my area that I thought I’d share a few of my favorites:

The Green Grind— Fairly traded teas and coffees, located in Redmond Town Center

Utopia–One of my favorite places to buy jewelry for myself or friends and family.

Mode Organic Salon–I trust my tresses to these wonderful people and their delish organic hair care products. They have 3 locations–2 in Seattle and 1 in Redmond–and the Redmond one is based on the Microsoft campus for employees only.

SoulFood Books and Cafe–A funky place with lots of eye candy for the soul.

Creekside Cleaners–A family-run dry cleaning business on Redmond Way near the Blockbuster Video. They are always friendly, bellow warm greetings to me from the back of the store every time I come in, and usually take my cleaning and hang it up in my car. Service with a smile and the prices are reasonable for this environmentally responsible business.

Frankie’s Pizza–The place ‘where everyone knows your name’. OK, not quite, but I’m sure if we frequented this establishment more than once a month they would know our name but our waistlines would not be so happy with us. The food is always yummy (including the sinful breadsticks) and served in big portions. Even their house wine is decent.

All The Best Pet Care–While not technically a Redmond-only business (they have 8 locations in the Puget Sound area), this store deserves a special call out because of the staff’s attentiveness to our needs. We have a very fussy cat named Wiley and he is picky about his food choices and the staff know that about our situation so they always go out of their way to give us samples to try with him and always want feedback on what is or isn’t working with Wiley.

Animal Healing Center–Speaking of animals, this is THE only place we take our cat. Their holistic approach and Dr. Lisa Reising’s extra attention toward Wiley means they have a special place in our heart for their veterinary care.

Bear Creek Florist–The professionals at this shop always go above and beyond to offer you something that will suit your needs and budget. They also were EXTREMELY accommodating when I had to order all the flowers for my father-in-laws funeral service to be ready on the busiest day of the year–Valentine’s Day–and they delivered in spades.

The Bar Method–New to the area and recently nominated for Best Gym for the upcoming Best in Western Washington awards, this toning studio really kicks my butt. The staff is extra attentive toward beginners and that makes a big difference to those of us struggling to learn a new way of moving our bodies.

That’s it for now. Check back often and I’ll update as often as I can.

April 26, 2009

West Seattle 5K Run/Walk here I come

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Masthead for the West Seattle 5K Run/Walk website

Masthead for the West Seattle 5K Run/Walk website

Despite a fever, sore throat, sneezing, coughing, and stuffed sinus cavities, I felt reasonably motivated to take up Hilary’s challenge to participate in the May 31st West Seattle 5K Run/Walk. Hilary, my manager John’s boss, is training to run the event whilst I shall be walking it to make sure me and my back come out intact. 

They even have a 6-week training guide but with only 5 weeks until the event, I need to make up for lost time!

With the weather improving and 6 AM now sporting more light than dark, walking around Ames Lake where I live will be easy for me.

Between my chiropractic adjustments with Dr. Jamie. stretching therapy with Jill, and my Isha yoga practice, I should be in fine shape to get back into my racing saddle once again. It has been almost a decade since I last attended a walking or running event so here’s to fun training and a great 5K walk.

Now, back to my potions to clearing up this unwanted cold.