September 10, 2009

Old Essene Exercise of Purification and Health

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Stand in living nature, between the earth and the sky. Feel the earth under your feet; feel how the earth carries you and holds you up. Feel the infinite sky above you; it inspires, straightens, and elevates you. In the sky, think of the origin of your spirit and of your intelligence. In the sky, think of the origin of your eternal soul, of the higher universal consciousness. In the earth, think of the origin of your terrestrial soul, of your individual consciousness. Feel yourself as a living union of the forces of the sky and the earth, of the infinite and the development.

Kneel on the ground, and with your right hand, dig a little hole in the earth. Put your hands together in front of the center of your chest (mystical heart), in the sign of prayer and inner union with heaven and earth within you. In this sacred posture, let a beautiful light, a force, a presence of the heaven flow through you: the omnipresence of the Father of all living beings. You can imagine a diamond light, transparent like pure water. Bend down with love before Mother Earth, and place your hands around the little hole. Bend down completely so that your mouth is laid on your hands. Offer then by your word the “thank you” of heaven to Mother Earth; offer also the “thank you” of your heart, and, through it, the “thank you” of the heart of humanity. Pronounce the words:”Mother Earth, I offer you the “thank you” of my heart and, through it, the “thank you” of the heart of all men and women. May all beings that you carry within your bosom, nurture, protect, and let grow be blessed.”

Stretch yourself out on the ground and abandon yourself totally to the earth. That your body and your soul born from it be one with the Mother-Earth and her hidden splendor. Think and say:”Mother Earth, take all of my illnesses and my faults according your will, so that I may receive the blessing of the heavenly Spirit to transmit it to all living beings according his will.”Remain in silent communion while letting the earth purify you completely.

Rise to your knees again, and put your hands together in front of the rose of the sun of the heart. Think in your spirit, feel in your soul, and say with your force of life:”With love and gratitude, I offer my loving “thank you” filled with light. To the Mother Earth, thank you; To the water of life, thank you; To the precious air, thank you; To the sacred fire, thank you; To the stable minerals, thank you; To the plants, thank you; To the animals, thank you; To humanity walking on the path of evolution, thank you; To all of the angels, thank you; To the cosmic intelligence which created my thought, thank you; To the ocean of love which created my sensibility, thank you; To the universal life which impregnated my future with the seed of individuality, thank you; To all of the beings of the world, I give my “thank you” within Him, the unique Source who unites all beings within the origin and the goal.”Fold your arms on your chest, bow slightly your head, and pronounce the word of conclusion: “Amen”.

Then, refill the hole that you had dug to speak to the Mother of the world. By practicing such exercises, which are totally suitable for our contemporary life, you will notice that you receive a force of balance and harmony which lets you remain more centered and be more yourself in life.


May 11, 2009

New friends with cool blogs and websites

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Aleta McClelland: A Course in Consciousness offers classes and one-on-one consultations to define & deepen your individual purpose, while shedding beliefs that block. Reveal your innate capacities and propel yourself into a life of heart-felt, heart-based action!

Anya Gorodetskaya: A registered nurse, Anya offers holistic services through her company, Inner Pathways. Anya is a certified hypnotist and works with other holistic health care providers that suport natural pregnancy and childbirth. Anya is also certified in Hypnobirthing, which helps to achive great results and faster unfolds the potential that nature gave to every women in order to have the best possible birth.

Dana Gaya: Leadership Counsel Consultants provides direction and support to social entrpreneurs and nonprofit enterprise leaders. Her company develops innovative approaches to improve the profitability and social impact of new or existing social ventures. They serve social purpose businesses, nonprofit enterprises, and microenterprises.

Deborah Voll: Deborah has a number of blogs and websites about her various projects. Her main blog is here. One of her projects is to start a support site for single moms. This website is a place for single moms to come and get support, information, resource connections, and participate in discussion groups. Another of Deborah’s projects is Java for Jesus. It is a company which helps church youth groups all over the world achieve their fundraising goals so they can accomplish their mission and service. Last but not least, SipandStitch, another of Deborah’s creative endeavors is all about gathering to socialize, stitch, and use a glue gun 🙂

Laurie Wilkinson: Laurie has been on an inner journey and here is her blog. Her journey is about what she’s found out about herself , and what she plans on doing about it in order to move forward with goals in life so she can be the best for herself.

Lisa Niederman: Lisa, through her company, Performance Velocity, pioneered a breakthrough system of identifying the core of what you want to accomplish and then, moving through one’s goals in a quick, yet satisfying, succession. Lisa’s system is based on ETA = Results™, a trademarked formula of energy + thought + action equals results. NOTE: Watch for an upcoming post with more details on Lisa’s amazing system.

Pat Bacili: Dr. Pat Baccili is an internationally recognized expert in the human potential field who makes a positive difference helping others realize their dreams. Dr. Pat has a radio program that is rated #1 for positive talk radio.

May 2, 2009

Tulsi, the Taj Mahal, and the Medicine Buddha

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David Crow of Floracopeia, one of the essential oil suppliers I work with, was in southern India (Kanyakumari, to be precise) for a month leading an Ayurvedic Aromtherapy retreat. While there, he received a fascinating newspaper article in his hotel room. The newspaper, Press Trust of Inida, reported on Wednesday, February 4th, 2009, that the wonder herb (one of my favorites), ‘Tulsi’, which is known for its medicinal qualities, will now help protect the Taj Mahal against the ill effects of environmental pollution. Over one million saplings will be planted in the vicinity of the Monument of Love.


On being asked why Tulsi was chosen, one of the CEOs involved in the project, Krishan Gupta said, “It is one of the best plants which purifies the environment. Its cleansing action is due to its property to release high amounts of oxygen, which minimizes the adverse impact of industrial and refinery emissions. Tulsi will help reduce the air pollution at the periphery of the monument.”

The area where David taught, Kanyakumari, is named after the youthful form of the primeval energy Shakti (Mother Goddess). It is the only place in the whole world where one can witness the ‘confluence’ of three great seas: the Bay of Bengal, the Arabian Sea, and the Indian Ocean. Kanyakumari is one of the few places in the world where one can witness both the sunset and sunrise at the same beach due to the geography. No wonder this little gem attracted Mahatma Gandhi.

David Crow is a leader in the growing aromatherapy movement in the United States. His best-selling book, In Search of the Medicine Buddha, tells the tale of how David, an acupuncturist and herbalist, journeyed to Nepal in search of medical teachings from Tibetan and Ayurvedic doctors. Over the next ten years, he studied the art and science of traditional Asian medicine. His book is a colorful and captivating story of adventure, exploration, and self-discovery into the wonders of Himalyan herbology and spirituality.

In September, I will be attending In The Garden of the Medicine Buddha: An Immersion Retreat, with David in California.

April 6, 2009

The why of a few of my favorite herbs, oils, and elixirs: An ever-expanding list

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Watercolor painting of the spikenard plant

Watercolor painting of the spikenard plant

For the cover of my aromatic medicine thesis, I commissioned botanical artist Alana Lea to paint a watercolor of the ancient Himalayan wonder plant, Spikenard. She did a fabulous job and I received a 97% on my thesis 🙂

Herbs, elixirs, and therapeutic-grade essential oils have infiltrated my psyche in the last 12 years or so and I thought I would share just a few of my faves here. 

  • Holy Basil—Revered as tulsi in Ayurvedic medicine. Tulsi means The Incomparable One or the Mother Medicine of Nature in the Ayurvedic tradition, delivering nutrients to the mind necessary for the experience of enlightment.
  • Turmeric—“The Golden Goddess”, a key balancing and detoxifying herb.
  • Ashwagandha—A rasayana herb or adaptogen that works to normalize physiological function.
  • Ginger—Rejuvenates the real seat of all emotions: the heart space that is our tummies.
  • Spearmint—A cleanser of a clogged palate and when diffused, a cleanser of a foggy noggin.
  • Frankincense—The aroma infiltrates the cells and membranes of our heart, mind, and soul. Reconnects one with the One.
  • Lavender—The factotum of the essential oil family. Its uses are myriad.
  • Sage—Ancient Romans labelled it a sacred herb. A stimulating oil that aids one with mental fatigue.
  • Spikenard—The anointing oil of the ancients and a deeply sacred oil for healing.
  • Iolite Crystal Essence Aura Mist with AquaSensoria — This essence was created for me by Sherri Lynn Nelson, proprietess of Rocky Hill Crystal Essences. I prominently display it on the desk in my home office and generously spray it whenever I’m moved to do so. An instant elevator of the spirit.
  • Young Living‘s Valor Essential Oil Blend—Applied nightly onto the bottoms of feet and to the throat, wrists, chest and the base of the neck, this blend enhances an individual’s internal resources.