September 1, 2009

Julie/Julia movie: Light, delightful, and the premise of Julia is worth pondering

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Jason and I went and saw the movie, “Julie and Julia” a week ago. It was a light and delightful respite from the regular movie fare. We saw it at the Gold Class Cinemas in Redmond, where they have reclining chairs and food/drinks arrive at the press of a button. Indulgence! As a bonus, the chef came out and cooked 2 recipes from Julia Child’s book. He was quite funny as he talked his way through cooking. What a treat!

You probably know the story line: the interweaving of the story of Julia Child’s life in Paris and the process of writing her famous cookbook and that of blogger and writer Julie Powell who, 50 years later, writes of her year of living in and through the contents of Child’s cookbook from her small Queens apartment.

It’s funny and whimsical – and there is no intention of writing a “review” of the movie here. The reason for sharing my seeing of the movie is that it was a great example of two women who lived (in the case of Julia) and live (as Julie still does) as a Creator, based on TED.

Julia Child was in her late 30s, living in Paris with her diplomat husband Paul and decided to determine what she wanted to do. She started with one of her primary passions: eating French food. She decided to learn to cook and the rest, as they say, is history – and the subject of the movie. Once she and her cookbook co-writers created the vision of a cookbook for American chefs, it took OVER 8 YEARS of baby steps, and disappointments, and perseverance for the dream to be realized.

Yet even when the creating was hard, she did not default to the role of Victim. To the contrary, as Meryl Streep (who portrays Julia in the movie) said in a recent New Your Times Interview, “When you talk about passion, Julia Child just didn’t have it for her husband or cooking; she had a passion for living. What was compelling about her was her joie de vivre and her unwillingness to be bogged down in negativity. She loved being alive and that’s inspirational in itself.” She was a Creator. And her husband, Paul, was a huge supporter and champion, acting as a Challenger, Coach and Co-Creator her. They were a great example of a couple living The Empowerment Dynamic TED) together.

As were (and are) Julie Powell and her husband Eric. Julie found herself in a dreary day-job as a secretary. Rather than dwell on and wallow in self-pity, she devised a dream and a goal: to make her way through Julia Child’s cookbook in a year. Hence, she set out to create by cooking 524 recipes in 365 days and to write a blog along the way. The rest is her history and the book behind this movie.

So, when you are ready for a treat, go see the movie. Watch it through the lens of TED* and watch two Creators – connected by a shared passion for food and cooking – baby step their way into their fulfilling their envisioned outcomes.

Very inspirational and I just love movies like this one where you leave the theater uplifted.


April 15, 2009

Crystal skulls and crystal heads abound in my head today

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MAX the Crystal Skull from Houston, Texas

MAX the Crystal Skull from Houston, Texas

My friend, JoAnn Parks of Houston, TX, is the caretaker of MAX the Crystal Skull. She’s visited my home with MAX and we’ve had many people come and sit with MAX and his energies. MAX is a true wonder of the world when it comes to ancient, dare I say even, off-world artifacts. MAX has been featured in a number of TV documentaries and in radio programs.

MAX came into the life of JoAnn and Carl Parks over 20 years ago when JoAnn, desperate to prolong the life of her dying daughter, was introduced to Norbu Chen, a Tibetan red-hat lama, who used MAX the Crystal Skull to heal her daughter. JoAnn’s daughter lived another 3 years as a result of Norbu’s work with MAX. Norbu gave MAX to JoAnn and told her that one day, she would know what to do with it. It sat in her closet for 7 years until through the result of a chance TV program, she connected with Nick Nocerino, the owner of another ancient crystal skull, Sha Na Ra.

Both MAX and Sha Na Ra are considered to be part of the legend-story of 13 crystal skulls, who were once together on earth acting as a library of vast knowledge. According to the legend-story, the skulls were dispersed when humans abused this knowledge, around the time of the fall of Atlantis or the Great Flood.  Since then, they’ve been hidden until such a time when humans were ready to treat the knowledge these skulls contain with much better care. Some believe, this time is now and thus, some of these skulls are coming out into the open, including via wide media exposure. George Lucas, among others, are big believers of the power of these skulls as evidenced by his movie, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls.

JoAnn, with her lovely sense of humor, also told me about actor Dan Akroyd and his fascination with crystal skulls to the point that he created a product around his obsession: Crystal Head Vodka. I aim to try it one of these days.

UPDATE: Well, wouldn’t you know it but the same day I post about crystal heads, so does Ellie Crystal!

April 13, 2009

The power of good film

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Logo of Spiritual Cinema Circle company

Logo of Spiritual Cinema Circle company

As a charter member of Spiritual Cinema Circle, I’m always delighted to get the DVD in the mail every month. I eagerly open the package (created from post-consumer waste, no less) and feast my eyes on the latest offering of inspirational movies. Most of the movies are independentlly directed and produced and not associated with big studios although there are usually some familiar actors in the mix (James Spade, Vanessa Redgrave, Michael Caine, Andie McDowell). The DVD usually has one feature film and several short films. Each film is introduced by Stephen Simon and after each movie, both Stephen and Mariel Hemingway share their thoughts.

They even listen to their subscribers who can write in and request a movie. I wrote in a few years ago about B’ab Aziz and lo’ and behold, a year later, there it was! The Prince Who Contemplated His Soul is the story of a blind dervish named Bab’Aziz and his spirited granddaughter, Ishtar. Together they wander the desert in search of a great reunion of dervishes that takes place just once every thirty years.

This year, I wrote in about The Trail of Painted Ponies, starring Ali MacGraw, narrating in New Mexico about one of the world’s most fascinating public art projects. No word yet on that one.

Some notables:

Tara Road – Two women — one American, one Irish — swap houses and alter the course of their lives.

Conversations with God — Chronicles the dramatic true journey of a struggling man turned homeless, who inadvertently becomes a spiritual messenger and bestselling author, based on his book by the same name.

One — A documentary about the meaning of life, and taking the question of it all to the masses as well as to spiritual leaders of our day.

Aviatrix — An independent short film labeled as “An intergalatic fantasy adventure cancer comedy romance”.

Stay tuned for more favorites added to this list.