June 15, 2009

Microsoft talking about a new form of energy?

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I’m fascinated that Microsoft is promoting one of their stalwart enterprise-oriented products in a space-age (New Age?) kind of way.

Even the description from the New Zealand-based website speaks to me on many levels over and above just performance. Check it out:

“SQL Server enables you to store data from structured, semi-structured and unstructured documents, such as images and music, directly within the database. And it includes integrated services that enable you to query, search, synchronise, report and analyse your data.”

When I read “structured, semi-structured and unstructured”, I instantly visualized fractals, like a Mandlebrot set. As if SQL Server were storing all this different data and when you queried, it displayed the data Photosynth-like with fragments of music and numbers overlaid on the photos. 

Hmmm…I wonder if I momentarily invoked my 3rd eye?


June 2, 2009

Cool new experiment for all Twitter users

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Last week Richard Wiseman announced that he has teamed up with New Scientist to conduct the first scientific experiment on Twitter. Here are the details…

The experiment will examine the possible existence of ‘remote viewing’ – the alleged ability to psychically identify a distant location. Richard says he is pretty skeptical about psychic ability, but the American government spent millions of dollars examining remote viewing and lots of people believe that it is a genuine ability. So, how is the experiment going to work? Well, at 3pm (UK time) each day, he will travel to a randomly selected location. Once there, he will send a Tweet, asking everyone to Tweet about their thoughts concerning the nature of the location. Thirty minutes later, he will send another Tweet linking to a website that will allow everyone to view photographs of five locations (the actual location and four decoys), think about the thoughts and images that came to them in the thirty minutes before, and vote on which of the five they believe to be the actual target location. If the majority of people select the correct target then the trial will count as a hit, otherwise it will count as a miss. There will be trials at 3pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week. Three or more hits in four trials will be seen as supporting the existence of extrasensory perception. In addition to these formal trials, there will be an informal trial (to test the procedure) today at 3pm.

As well as being the first ever scientific experiment on Twitter, I think this is going to be the largest ever test of Remote Viewing, so I am excited about the project.

To participate, simply follow me on twitter at: https://twitter.com/RichardWiseman

Richard needs thousands to take part, so feel free to spread the word.

May 12, 2009

My first Examiner.com article is now live!

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Check it out and leave a comment 🙂


I’ll be writing 1-2 short articles a week about Windows Mobile as well as other innovative Microsoft products and technologies so check back regularly. You can also access my articles on their mobile site, www.m.examiner.com

Happy reading!

May 1, 2009

SyncTxt customized synchronistic text messages

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Are meaningful coincidences entirely random? Or do they suggest that the mind has a subtle capacity to influence physical events? SyncTXT lets you explore this question for yourself.

SyncTXT sends customized text message alerts to your mobile phone, selected and timed using Psyleron REG-1 technology. Research suggests that the messages you receive, and the times you receive them, are subject to the influence of your consciousness.

I think this is COOL. I just started using this service and will update this blog with stories of how it is working for me.