November 1, 2010

NaNoWriMo success, day 1

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Nathan Everett's signature NaNoWriMo eventI did it. 2741 words in 3 hours. WOW.

The event in Bellevue was like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Noisy writers set up their laptops all over the restaurant, making small talk until the big event at midnight. Nathan Everett, our Hallo-NaNo-Ween host, was busy giving out door prizes. At the stroke of midnight, with a countdown from 10 no less, the entire restaurant was abuzz with the clickety-clack of fingers hitting keyboards. The earlier drone of human voices gone, replaced by the sound of laptops coming to life.

Final count: 123 writers. 90 minutes. 200,000+ words. Single biggest word count: 6000+ words. Number of cups of coffee: Untold.

I suspect the guy with the 6000+ words had an IV drip of Denny’s best.

Onwards and upwards as the count is just beginning its climb to the 50,000 mark and beyond. Day 1 down, 29 to go. NaNoWriMo, here I come!


October 9, 2010

Yes! Personal and Professional Success with Performance Velocity

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Last year, over a 3-month period, I was very fortunate to work with Lisa Niederman, CEO of Performance Velocity. Lisa’s background in the business world and her keen sense of understanding her client’s needs, sometimes better than they understand themselves, makes her a terrific asset for any company or any individual interested in achieving fast, measurable results.

In fact, Lisa pioneered a breakthrough system of identifying the core of what you want to accomplish and then, moving through one’s goals in a quick, yet satisfying, succession. Lisa’s system is based on ETA = Results™, a trademarked formula of energy + thought + action equals results. Dr. Pat Bacili of The Dr. Pat Show interviewed Lisa this year, during which, in a series of podcasts, Dr. Pat brings the profound insights of Lisa’s work into the program for the benefit of her audience.

The foundation of the program begins with energy, more specifically, Energy Intelligence™. The origins of this formula* are actually quite ancient although scientists are now coming around to understanding it, albeit from a scientific point of view. Science is beginning to see energy as information. Information is energy; energy is information; because the whole life energy is information.

Lisa’s formula makes sense to me in so many ways. Fifteen or twenty years ago, using affirmations was the buzz word or technique du jour for making yourself feel good so you could take action in your life. I, like many people, eventually figured out that affirmations alone do not work because they don’t carry enough ’umph’ to make a difference long term.  For almost 2 decades, I had also read copious quantities of self-help books and attended plenty of workshops in the hopes of finding some technique that had staying power for both personal and professional growth. I finally found what I was looking for with Lisa’s proven human performance techniques.

I already had an understanding that the fundamental basis of results comes when you learn to operate from a position of positive energy. However, Lisa’s unique set of self-improvement techniques helped me to feel more empowered faster and therefore, I was able to change my limiting beliefs quite rapidly and develop wider-ranging goals beyond what I thought I was capable of.

I’d like to share a couple of stories of how working with Lisa and her Energy Intelligence™ system and ETA=Results™ helped me in both my personal and professional life. When I sat down to plan what I wanted to work on with Lisa over the course of 3 months, it was all about next steps on my career path that I felt I needed to take. Well, so much for that. Right away, Lisa zeroed in on the grief I was carrying regarding the recent death of my father and how this grief needed to be looked at before we moved on. It surprised me that we would start there especially since I was already working with a counselor on that issue. From her extensive past experience as a practicing psychologist and her work with executives to achieve peak performance, Lisa was able to help me move through my grief and surrounding personal issues in weeks rather than the months it would have taken me in traditional counseling.

Taking care of the personal issues, I was now ready to tackle my professional life. Part of what I wanted to do was to move into a new role that was better suited to my leadership abilities. Lisa helped me identify my strengths, reduce limiting beliefs, and encouraged me to dream big. In less than a month, I developed a new leadership idea, contacted others in my company who will help me realize the leadership idea into a workable program, received an invitation to participate on the advisory board of a local university, and been accepted as a weekly columnist for, a premier online brand for local information and events, whose circulation is rivaling the Wall Street Journal. That path served me well then. This year, much has changed for me at work and I’ve taken a step back, again using the principles I learned from Lisa. I was able to evaluate what was more important for me overall, not just in my work life, and shift my energy to bring more creativity into my life.

I still have much to learn, yet I’ve come far in grasping what this energy intelligence can do for me. I intend to pay-it-forward and passionately use what I learned to help others. Learn more from my interview with Lisa.

Thank you, Lisa, for your wisdom and patience in steering me in the direction of highest good and a most benevolent outcome in my human performance thus far. My personal and professional life have been deeply affected and it is all good.

* Those who want to research further into the origins of this energy intelligence would do well to spend some time delving into the power behind the Golden Proportion.

September 9, 2009

My column is now part of NowPublic

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Some of you know that I write a Microsoft Innovation column for You might not know that Denver-based has acquired Vancouver-based NowPublic, a pioneer in user-generated content and the largest participatory news network in the world. A critical driver of the purchase is the positive impact NowPublic’s technology will offer Examiner columnists. By adopting their technology, we will be able to use a variety of rich Examiner features such as more reliable publishing tools, mobile publishing, enhanced photo management, and much more over the next several months.

They asked us to take a survey to let them know what we think. Being in the mobile industry field, I’m most excited about the mobile publishing aspect of this combined effort for crowd-powered media.

I’m supposed to publish 1-2 articles a week although I struggle to write one article. However, that one article really feeds the creative muse in me, as does this blog.

So a big shout out to all those loyal friends who subscribe via RSS feed to both my blog posts and columns. I also appreciate those folk who do not subscribe to either but tune in occasionally. I don’t say enough how I am most grateful for your support. Knowing that I have a few loyalists out there who hold the bar high for me makes all the difference.

Thank you.

May 20, 2009

Next reincarnation: A traceur, in tribute to Bruce Lee

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In the History Channel’s documentary, How Bruce Lee Changed the World, we see that Lee had a profound sense of himself. His approach to martial arts was holistic, philosophical. When he compared the movements of kung fu to the continuity of flowing water — as he did in an Canadian television interview with Pierre Berton from the early ’70s  — he spoke with a fanatic intensity, as if he were leading a movement of freedom fighters.

In the movie, they show clips of  young people or traceurs (as they are known) performing Parkour, a new movement–based on Lee’s philosophy on life via martial arts–that sprung up in Paris and is now worldwide. Ever since learning about Parkour, I’m drawn to the symbolism representing the movement. The glyph that you see above speaks to me in a BIG way and since I’m on the lookout for diamonds in the rough, I’m going to explore this one for many moons to come.

 Jamie O’Rourke designed the concept and glyph for the Urban Freeflow movement (as it is known outside of France) and his description of it is so stunningly simple yet layered in meaning that I’m including it below in its entirety.

I hope, if you’ve read this far, you’ll read even further and let me know what you think of the philosophy behind a popular physical body movement and how it touched you, if at all.

In Jamie’s words (referring to the glyph):

The Parkour/Freerun glyph has become globally recognised as the one symbol to represent both disciplines and in a very short amount of time, has received unprecedented duty exposure worldwide. Here’s a breakdown as to what it all means…

Based on Eastern symbology and inspired by ancient and fictional hieroglyphics, the Parkour/Freerun glyph depicts balance, equality, stability, control and simplicity. Also employing Hindu and Taoist beliefs, the Parkour/Freerun glyph characterises four segments, or stages that are used to represent the four seasons and the transition from awakening, through self improvement and proficiency, to self awareness.

Initially divided vertically into two halves to denote height and ambition, the glyph can be seen to represent the two divisions of Parkour/Freerun; technical ability and philosophy.

Representing ability (1), we envisage a traceur or freerunner as they make their way over an obstacle in their path. Succeeding ability comes self awareness (2). Denoting this we see the sun as it rises beginning a new day.

 The Glyph can be further divided as follows…

A. (Spring) Representing the birth of a traceur/freerunner as they discover the art of movement.

B. (Summer) Depicted by the sun, the practitioner grows both physically and mentally as they begin to find their ‘way’.

C. (Autumn) Symbolised by linear water. The practitioners abilities increase and movements begin to flow, whilst remaining 100% focused at all times.

D. (Winter) The practitioner reaches a certain level of proficiency in the search of perfection and as the cold weather looms, a period of reflection is entered before the start of a new cycle.