April 10, 2009

My life with thee: 10 years of loving and laughing

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Wiley hanging out in my basket

Wiley hanging out in my basket

NOTE: I realize that this is a post about my anniversary but I couldn’t resist placing a picture of the fruit of our loins right in the center of the post. OK, so he’s not exactly from our loins but you get the picture. Basically, his royal purrballness is a joint accomplishment and his timing is impeccable: I was looking for a picture of Jason and I together and couldn’t easily find one. Shame on me, I know, but hey, Wiley is a decent facsimile 😉

Onto the mushy stuff…

Jason makes me laugh. And wonder. And think deeply about what matters most. Did I mention laugh? We’ve carved out a collective niche in this world, supporting each other in our individual pursuits while simulatneously finding and growing shared interests. I used to joke in the first few years of our marraige that I’d like the epitaph on my tombstone to read: “Here lies Teresa. Her greatest accomplishment was her loving marriage.” I still abide by that statement although I now know that the real reason my marriage is so loving is due to the amount of time each of us has spent and continue to spend on knowing, understanding, and growing our respective inner selves.

He is my ‘oneliest and onlyest’, and I, his.

Here’s to another decade, and then some!

Ti amo tesoro per sempre e un giorno xoxoxoxoxoxoxox I look forward to celebrating big time with my family in Italy this June.

Happy anniversary, M.H.H.S.S.S.L.P.O.E.P.B.T.B.(dual-rated) M.R. husband-pud 🙂