March 31, 2009

Guiding principles: A summation

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Today, I am moved to jot down a few phrases that have caught my eye and imagination recently. I’ll keep adding to this list although for now, here are some that represent a¬†flavor of my favorite guiding principles:

  • Arouse impulses of brilliance.
  • Be generous with praise, especially in public.
  • Play fair in the criticism department.
  • Use moxie whenever possible to create a win-win.
  • Seek out a good leader; a good manager is not the same thing.
  • To honor and reward personal growth for enlightened teamwork depends on the vitality of every member of the ‘family’, however you define family.
  • Mentor others.
  • The whole is more than the sum of its parts, but the whole must contain the parts, even the parts with warts.
  • Be instrumental in redefining corporate soul, thus linking purpose and people.
  • Embrace the workplace in your own genuine style.
  • The seeds of magic are found within your imagination and planted in your deeds.
  • Let gratitude and generosity underly your deeds and motives.
  • Embody the spirit of reconciliation even during your darkest moments.
  • By tapping into the profound wisdom of the heart, one can operate with greater internal resonance and less distortion, thereby bringing much greater innovation, creativity, and clarity into one’s home and work life.
  • Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.—Wayne Dyer
  • Constantly reassess.
  • Institutionalize innovation.
  • Let the best idea win.
  • Boundarylessness.
  • Stay close to the customer and even closer to the competition.
  • Schedule regular brainstorming sessions with yourself, your colleagues, and your family to encourage a growth attitude.
  • In perfect balance do all things live and thrive.
  • Magic is not from an external source, but from deep within.
  • People want to believe that their work is bigger than their jobs.
  • People live for the moment when the heart’s alive.—Dan Bishop, Institute of HeartMath
  • Energy + Thought + Action = Results—Lisa Niedermeyer
  • I AM in balance in mind, spirit, and body, every moment, bringing joy to me and all those I encounter.
  • Embark on a life quest to understand others through communication, silent and spoken, and to seek information through mental and spiritual processes.
  • That which is unique and worthwhile in us makes itself felt in flashes. If we do not know how to capture those flashes, we are without growth and without exhilaration.–Eric Hoffer, longshoreman-philosopher
  • Only from a place of bliss can one truly elevate the spirit of another.
  • Experience a full-on heart opening: swim with wild dolphins.