June 15, 2009

Microsoft talking about a new form of energy?

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I’m fascinated that Microsoft is promoting one of their stalwart enterprise-oriented products in a space-age (New Age?) kind of way.

Even the description from the New Zealand-based website speaks to me on many levels over and above just performance. Check it out:

“SQL Server enables you to store data from structured, semi-structured and unstructured documents, such as images and music, directly within the database. And it includes integrated services that enable you to query, search, synchronise, report and analyse your data.”

When I read “structured, semi-structured and unstructured”, I instantly visualized fractals, like a Mandlebrot set. As if SQL Server were storing all this different data and when you queried, it displayed the data Photosynth-like with fragments of music and numbers overlaid on the photos. 

Hmmm…I wonder if I momentarily invoked my 3rd eye?