May 11, 2009

New friends with cool blogs and websites

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Aleta McClelland: A Course in Consciousness offers classes and one-on-one consultations to define & deepen your individual purpose, while shedding beliefs that block. Reveal your innate capacities and propel yourself into a life of heart-felt, heart-based action!

Anya Gorodetskaya: A registered nurse, Anya offers holistic services through her company, Inner Pathways. Anya is a certified hypnotist and works with other holistic health care providers that suport natural pregnancy and childbirth. Anya is also certified in Hypnobirthing, which helps to achive great results and faster unfolds the potential that nature gave to every women in order to have the best possible birth.

Dana Gaya: Leadership Counsel Consultants provides direction and support to social entrpreneurs and nonprofit enterprise leaders. Her company develops innovative approaches to improve the profitability and social impact of new or existing social ventures. They serve social purpose businesses, nonprofit enterprises, and microenterprises.

Deborah Voll: Deborah has a number of blogs and websites about her various projects. Her main blog is here. One of her projects is to start a support site for single moms. This website is a place for single moms to come and get support, information, resource connections, and participate in discussion groups. Another of Deborah’s projects is Java for Jesus. It is a company which helps church youth groups all over the world achieve their fundraising goals so they can accomplish their mission and service. Last but not least, SipandStitch, another of Deborah’s creative endeavors is all about gathering to socialize, stitch, and use a glue gun 🙂

Laurie Wilkinson: Laurie has been on an inner journey and here is her blog. Her journey is about what she’s found out about herself , and what she plans on doing about it in order to move forward with goals in life so she can be the best for herself.

Lisa Niederman: Lisa, through her company, Performance Velocity, pioneered a breakthrough system of identifying the core of what you want to accomplish and then, moving through one’s goals in a quick, yet satisfying, succession. Lisa’s system is based on ETA = Results™, a trademarked formula of energy + thought + action equals results. NOTE: Watch for an upcoming post with more details on Lisa’s amazing system.

Pat Bacili: Dr. Pat Baccili is an internationally recognized expert in the human potential field who makes a positive difference helping others realize their dreams. Dr. Pat has a radio program that is rated #1 for positive talk radio.