October 9, 2010

White Buffalo Woman: Then and Now

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I’ve been so fortunate to call Eve Kerwin, my friend and mentor. Her book is a mere glimpse into the fascinating and often challenging life she has experienced as the White Buffalo Woman.

I learned so much about spirituality, shamanism, the legend of the white buffalo, walk in phenomena, personal growth in spite of diversity, and walking the road less traveled regardless of family pressure and societal norms. The Awakening encompasses all these aspects and much much more. Truly a revelation of a book that honestly details the life of a modern mystic, working shaman, loving mother/daughter/sister,  generous friend, and an all-around extraordinarily talented and gifted woman. You will find that The Awakening engages you on many levels. A riveting read. I can’t wait for the sequel to learn and understand the depth of Eve’s life and work.

Here’s how it all started:

On the 10th of August 1994 in Janesville, Wisconsin, a momentous birth occurred.

This birth was heralded as the fulfillment of a 17-generation-old Lakota Sioux prophecy. A female white buffalo calf was born on a bison farm owned by the Hieder family. The calf was pure white, not an albino. This was genetically remote, later predicted by geneticists as one in hundreds of millions. The day after its birth, before news reached the press, a Lakota Sioux medicine man mysteriously appears on the Hieder’s doorstep, saying that he received a vision that a white buffalo was born and needed to travel to it. He was guided to their farm by Spirit to acknowledge the event that his nation had been prayerfully anticipating for hundreds of years.

The significance of the white buffalo for the Sioux Nation begins centuries ago on the Great Plains. A number of tribes had joined together on the banks of a river. These seven clans were cooperating out of necessity, as times were very hard. Game was scarce and they tired of warring on one another for resources. They agreed to coexist under the tutelage of one chief.

They prayed that he would lead them back to abundance and prosperity. One day, the Chief Standing Tall instructed two of his best scouts to try and locate a herd of buffalo. One located find and the subsequent hunt could lay up provisions for the entire tribe for a year. The two scouts departed camp and headed for parts infrequently visited in search of game.

After some time, scouting the horizon from a hilltop, one of the scouts noticed a strange apparition in the distance. A white globe was floating a scant few feet above the grasslands, moving slowly toward them. Their first inclination was to run, but they were riveted by the vision. As the glowing globe got closer, they could see the form of a strikingly beautiful woman within. This woman had long black flowing hair and was covered in white buckskin. She carried a bundle in her arms. The scout, who first witnessed her, recognized that she was not of this earthly domain and this was a message from The Great Spirit and he was humbled.

The second was drawn to her by her shining and pristine radiance and lusted for her physical bounty. As he approached her, suddenly a swirling cloud engulfed the scout and the vision and together, they spun wildly as if being sucked up into a summer funnel cloud. When the torrent ended, she remained floating over a pile of bones. She spoke to the remaining scout and asked that he not be afraid. For the first had improperly misinterpreted her purpose. He should return to the tribe and tell them to prepare a lodge for her as she had gifts to bestow from Spirit. He hurtled himself across the plains and returned to camp to the amazement of the elders. But they all acknowledged that this was the answer to their prayers and made preparations.

The entire tribe was assembled as they saw the same white globe of light appear on the horizon and float towards their encampment. The chief greeted the apparition and welcomed the emissary from Spirit.
She spoke, “I am the White Buffalo Woman”, and then held out her arms as she passed the bundle she was carrying to the chief. She explained the first of seven ceremonies that would provide them with a process of right action and deeds as the chief unwrapped the cloth to expose two items. A stem made of cottonwood and a bowl shaped from red stone. The stem represented the male and the bowl, the female. When joined together, and only joined when praying, the smoke of the pipe would carry their prayers directly to The Great Spirit. As long as they honored this gift and six other ceremonies that she would reveal in the subsequent few days, their peoples would live in abundance and peace.

As the White Buffalo Woman bade her good-byes to the tribe, she floated from the camp and then the same funnel cloud again appeared only this time as its winds abated, a white buffalo appeared and stood before them. It laid down, turned around, and stood up, only the color of its coat had changed to black, then again, it changed to red, then once again as it changed to yellow and finally, back to white. The bison strode off and the voice of White Buffalo Woman could be heard by all, saying that she would return one day, when the world was at peace. Her owners named the white buffalo calf born in 1994, Miracle. Thousands have visited Miracle. Amongst them, many Native American elders, and even the Dalai Llama have physically witnessed her and acknowledged this prescient message to mankind.

After Miracle’s birth, the essences of White Buffalo Woman began to intertwine with the energies of Eve Kerwin, a former cosmetics model from Stamford, CT. When White Buffalo Woman speaks, Eve becomes the conduit for different spiritual guides who come through and assist her in this healing work. The sum total of all these energies is The Holy Spirit. In the beginning of each session, what people experience coming through Eve is a coded, vibrational, energetic dialect: a Universal Telepathic Core Language. Eve believes that the work of the White Buffalo Woman, the true gift that comes through her, is for many people to consciously understand their mission here and their life’s purpose. The process is an awakening and unlocking of Universal Truths, that when applied to their life, balances their bodies: mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. This new and fresh perspective has life-altering potential, not only in interactions with others, but their physical circumstances as well. While Miracle fulfilled the physical aspect of the prophecy of the White Buffalo Woman, Eve Kerwin, through the shamanic tradition, is carrying on the spiritual aspect to truly complete the work of this wisdom teacher.


July 25, 2010

The Bluebird of Happiness continues its journey with me

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When I told my bluebird stories to a confidante recently, she gave me her original glass Bluebird of Happiness from Terra Studios.

I was thrilled because this was the 3rd bluebird that appeared in my life in 2 weeks.

I always pay attention to the power of three, because 3 in numerology is all about communication. I tend to think of things coming in 3s as confirmation of whatever that thing is. In this case, the bluebird is a messenger of good health and contentment, love, and joy.

My story continues…

Yesterday, I attended the Bellevue Festival of the Arts with my friend Anne.

As we meandered amongst the artists’ stalls, I started telling Anne about the bluebirds coming into my life. I was at telling her about the second one (that appeared after my call with my friend Randy). I was mentioning that Randy was asking me whether I’d ever seen pounamu (New Zealand jade) and wouldn’t you know it, we were standing in front of the booth of a New Zealand jewellry artist and he had pieces made of pounamu!

Then, we walked across the aisle to the booth of mixed media artist Vicki Fish and her Bluebird of Happiness piece! It had wings, ephemera, and a few subtle and not so subtle references to the bluebird.  The Bluebird piece I reference in the link is different than the one I saw last night but it is a close approximation.

Some interesting coinkydinks, dont’cha think?

Today, I found a few more items that caught my eye.

Firstly, this article talking about some late-night TV show signoffs that included both the poem, High Flight, and the Jan Peerce song, Bluebird of Happiness. What is interesting to me about finding this article talking about these two items together is that when I saw the second bluebird, I *knew* my deceased father had something to do with it. My father experienced very little joy throughout most of his life so somehow sensing that he was sending me these bluebirds while I was in the midst of a difficult situation at work meant so much to me. The poem, High Flight, was my father-in-law’s favorite poem and he asked that it be read at his memorial service. Soooooo, having references to items associated with my father and father-in-law in this website is also a big sign for me.

Then, I was looking for ephemera on the web to create my own rendition of a Bluebird of Happiness shadow box when I came up on book with that title in eBay no less–Ariel Gore’s Bluebird: Women and the New Psychology of Happiness.

Speaking of the lovely song about the Bluebird of Happiness, I thought I’d share the lyrics by Art Mooney. Enjoy!

The beggar man and the mighty king
Are only different in name
For they are treated just the same by Fate.
Today a smile and tomorrow a tear
We’re never sure what’s in store
So learn your lesson before it is too late.
So be like I
Hold your head up high
Till you find the bluebird of happiness.
You will find
Greater peace of mind
Knowing there’s a bluebird of happiness.
And when she sings to you
Though you’re deep in blue
You will see a ray of light creep through.
And so, remember this
Life is no abyss
Somewhere there’s a bluebird of happiness.
The poet with his pen
The peasant with his plow
It makes no difference who you are
It’s all the same somehow.
The king upon his throne
The jester at his feet
The artist, the actress
The man on the street.
It’s a life of smiles
And a life of tears
It’s a life of hope
And a life of fears.
A blinding torrent of rain
And a brilliant burst of sun,
A biting, tearing pain
And bubbling, sparkling fun.
And no matter what you have
Don’t envy those you meet,
It’s all the same, it’s in the game
The bitter and the sweet.
And if things don’t look so cheerful
Just show a little fight,
For every bit of darkness
There’s a little bit of light.
For every bit of hatred
There’s a little bit of love.
For every cloudy morning
There’s a midnight moon above.
So don’t you forget
You must search
Till you find the bluebird.
You will find peace
And contentment forever
If you will . . .
Be like I
Hold your head up high
Till you find the bluebird of happiness.
You will find
Greater peace of mind
Knowing there’s a bluebird of happiness.
And when she sings to you
Though you’re deep in blue
You will see a ray of light creep through.
And so remember this
Life is no abyss
Somewhere there’s a bluebird of happiness.

July 11, 2010

The bluebird of happiness

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AKA "My bluebird of happiness"

First sighting: July 2, ~ 8:30 PM

Second sighting: July 10, ~ 3:20 PM

At the time of each sighting, I was on the phone with people I befriended during our 2005 trip to Egypt. A significant transformational event as no other in my life. I wonder what two sightings in a week will bring? My inner knowing is telling me it has to do with my work so stay tuned as there is a stirring afoot.

Significance of the bluebird

From Kala at http://www.exploreyourspirit.com/blog/category/kala/

The solar and lunar eclipse cycles this year (full moon eclipse on June 26 and solar new moon eclipse on July 11) will have the greatest effect on the cardinal signs of Capricorn, Aries, Libra and Cancer, especially those born early in the sign. For Capricorns, early in the sign would be those with December birthdays. These eclipses bring their strongest energy three days before and after the actual event dates, which has the July eclipse effect being felt beginning on the 8th. The after-effects of an eclipse continue to be felt for another six months.

The current powerful eclipse cycle marks a time of great change, and brings to a head decisions of priorities between home and career.

Eclipses bring things to a head and sound the clarion call to action. While many fear the swift changes that eclipses bring, in the long run they can be seen as helping to shake people from situations where they needed to make a change and were stalling for one reason or another. Eclipses open your eyes and leave you little room to continue to live as you were.

The eclipse in late June was an especially difficult and challenging period for Capricorns and Cancers and may have had them second guessing their decisions. The new eclipse delivers a more soothing energy in comparison to the one in June.

  • A good omen, considered to bring happiness, contentment and joy.
  • The bluebird visits a human and reports back to the gods, similar to the phrase, “a little bird told me”.
  • Prosperity, good luck, and the bluebird is the only bird considered not to have a dark side.
  • Symbol of changes and passages, bluebirds indicate that those who previously attempted to block our progress will now find themselves blocked and hindered.
  • Bluebirds are the magical color of the East and enhance the throat chakra and creative artistic impression.


From Ted Andrews, Animal Speak, book re: Bluebird

Keynote: Modesty, unassuming confidence and happiness

Cycle of Power: Winter and summer (changes of seasons)

Although once common, they are now quite rare. This is often a reminder that we are born to happiness and fulfillment, but we sometimes get so lost and wrapped up in the every day events of our lives that our happiness and fulfillment seem rare. When bluebirds show up as a totem, it should first of all remind you to take time to enjoy yourself.

Bluebird males are entirely blue, although occasionally there will be some warm reddish tones on the chest as well. Pay attention to the colors and where they are located. This will provide some insight.

Blue is associated with the throat chakra and creative expression. Blue is symbolic, so ask yourself what blue means to you personally. (NOTE TO SELF: ‘Got’ that Dad looked best in blue because of his pale blue/grey eyes although he had red in his eyes because of his glaucoma.)

The idea of the bluebird being symbolic of happiness is fairly recent.

This bird always has a plaintive song and a modest, unassuming appearance. Its shoulders are hunched up when perched, giving an impression as if ready to dive. This can be symbolic of a need to work hard and play hard. Are you trying to shoulder too much responsibility? (NOTE TO SELF: Have been complaining to Jill the trainer and Dr. Oh the chiropractor about my odd pain at the top and side of my shoulders.)

To the Pueblo, bluebirds are considered winter birds because they descend to the lowlands with the snow and cold during that season. This transition from winter to summer is dramatic in the area of the western home of the Pueblo. It is a transition from great coldness to summer heat.

This is symbolic of a passage, a time of movement into another level of being. Specifically, it is connected to the transformation of a girl into a woman. This, of course, has connection to human fertility and a new confidence and happiness in coming into your own.

Bluebirds are gentle and unaggressive, although very scrappy when threatened. Their homes usually have an entrance facing South, the direction for awakening the inner child.

If a bluebird has come into your life, look for opportunities to touch the joyful and intrinsically native aspects of yourself that you may have lost touch with.

October 5, 2009

Think Redmond

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I  just found out about ThinkRedmond.com, a website promoting local Redmond businesses. Many of the businesses offer a discount for their products and/or services, which is a great incentive for visiting them.

I’m a big fan of shopping locally especially small, family-owned or single proprietor businesses. I go out of my way to shop at these stores before going to chain stores. I’m blessed that there are so many wonderful shops in my area that I thought I’d share a few of my favorites:

The Green Grind— Fairly traded teas and coffees, located in Redmond Town Center

Utopia–One of my favorite places to buy jewelry for myself or friends and family.

Mode Organic Salon–I trust my tresses to these wonderful people and their delish organic hair care products. They have 3 locations–2 in Seattle and 1 in Redmond–and the Redmond one is based on the Microsoft campus for employees only.

SoulFood Books and Cafe–A funky place with lots of eye candy for the soul.

Creekside Cleaners–A family-run dry cleaning business on Redmond Way near the Blockbuster Video. They are always friendly, bellow warm greetings to me from the back of the store every time I come in, and usually take my cleaning and hang it up in my car. Service with a smile and the prices are reasonable for this environmentally responsible business.

Frankie’s Pizza–The place ‘where everyone knows your name’. OK, not quite, but I’m sure if we frequented this establishment more than once a month they would know our name but our waistlines would not be so happy with us. The food is always yummy (including the sinful breadsticks) and served in big portions. Even their house wine is decent.

All The Best Pet Care–While not technically a Redmond-only business (they have 8 locations in the Puget Sound area), this store deserves a special call out because of the staff’s attentiveness to our needs. We have a very fussy cat named Wiley and he is picky about his food choices and the staff know that about our situation so they always go out of their way to give us samples to try with him and always want feedback on what is or isn’t working with Wiley.

Animal Healing Center–Speaking of animals, this is THE only place we take our cat. Their holistic approach and Dr. Lisa Reising’s extra attention toward Wiley means they have a special place in our heart for their veterinary care.

Bear Creek Florist–The professionals at this shop always go above and beyond to offer you something that will suit your needs and budget. They also were EXTREMELY accommodating when I had to order all the flowers for my father-in-laws funeral service to be ready on the busiest day of the year–Valentine’s Day–and they delivered in spades.

The Bar Method–New to the area and recently nominated for Best Gym for the upcoming Best in Western Washington awards, this toning studio really kicks my butt. The staff is extra attentive toward beginners and that makes a big difference to those of us struggling to learn a new way of moving our bodies.

That’s it for now. Check back often and I’ll update as often as I can.

May 17, 2009

When an owl shows up in your life, what does it mean?

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Wednesday the 13th, I worked until 7:30 PM and was driving home in the pouring rain. The phone rang and it was Jason inviting me to meet him in Carnation for a Mexican dinner night out. Despite being tired, I was fairly hungry so I readily agreed. I cranked up the tunes to keep me company. I was listening to Love Songs with Delilah on Warm 106.9 when a young man came on and made an unusual request for a song for his father, who was in hospice. As Delilah was picking a song, she asked him to describe what his father meant to him and so he began sharing those meaningful moments and events of their life as father and son.

It was then that the tears started to flow.

The song Delilah picked was Dan Fogelberg’s “Leader of the Band“, a tribute to his musician father.

As the music began to play, the tears erupted into a torrent.

Soon, it was unsafe to keep driving with deep pools of water obscuring my vision and racking sobs making it difficult to keep my hands steady on the wheel so I parked the car on the side of the road to collect myself. It was tempting to turn toward home but I knew Jason was looking forward to my company while sharing our day over an evening meal.

A few minutes later, I was back on the road for about another mile or two when I noticed a lump of sorts in the middle of the road. I cursed under my breath and I started to veer left to go around it. As I got closer, I noticed it moving. I then saw it was a bird and then, lo and behold and clear as day, an owl was standing proudly on the yellow line.

Suddenly, I swerved to keep from hitting it and slammed on the brakes. Thankfully, there were no cars behind me nor coming toward me. A good thing, too, because I was crossed over a lane and a half.

I get out of the car and stride quietly yet purposefully toward the owl. I quickly notice that there is no roadkill anywhere near the owl so whatever drew it to the center yellow line, it wasn’t obvious to me. What was obvious was the fact that the he (yes, I’ll explain how I knew it was a male) wasn’t budging despite me getting ever closer to it.

He seemed to cock his head, gimble his ears, and shift his eyes from right to left a few times. As soon as I got to within a foot of it, it ‘cocked’ its head and moved a few steps back. Some head-cocking and ear-gimbling seconds later, he turned and flew to a nearby tree. I followed it. More of the same head, ear, and eye movements until he took one last long look at me and flew away.

My mouth, still hanging open from when I first opened the car door, was catching some big raindrops and so I closed it as I headed toward the car to compose myself. I turned toward the yellow line once more and shook my head. It felt surreal. I was experiencing a moment out of time.

I also knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that owl was my father.

He came to say hello and to let me know he was just fine.

Continuing on to the restaurant, I tried to make sense of it all. The realization came to me that the man recounting memories of his father on the radio followed by the sentimental song were just an opportunity to cleanse more feelings of grief and regret I was storing over the loss of my father last October.

Right at that moment, a friend called and broke my reverie. She listened to my story and exclaimed that it was a pretty awesome event. I was, and still am, truly blessed by what happened that rainy and fateful night.

Ted Andrews, in his book, Animal Speak, states:

“Many superstitions and beliefs have come to be associated with owls. Owls have been thought of as the reincarnation of the dead. The owl is the bird of magic and darkness, of prophecy and wisdom. The Great Horned Owl (what I saw) has tufts of feathers that look like ears, but are not. These ears that are not ears have made them symbolic of being able to hear what is not being said. In the Native American tradition, one who works with owl medicine will be able to see and hear what others try to hide. To hear and see what is hidden or in the shadows. To detect and pinpoint subtleties. This can make others uncomfortable because they will not be able to deceive you about their motives or actions.

Owl people have a unique ability to see into the darkness of others’ souls and life. Owls are the eyes of the night and they see what is not in the open. They have secret knowledge that they can share. Their eyes cannot move. Their neck is flexible, giving them a wide range of peripheral vision. The symbolism of the neck and its flexibility should be meditated upn for those with owl medicine. If your neck is stiff and inflexible, you are hindering your perceptions to a great degree.

The owl also has a third eyelid which moves from side to side. It cleanses the eye, clearing its vision. This symbolizes so much about new vision opening to you. It often reflects that you were born very perceptive–with a vision of others that you may or may not have recognized or acknowledged.”

I often have a stiff neck so the flexibility part is interesting because Friday night, I just had a 3 month chiropractic checkup for low back pain and the majority of adjustments were to the neck. The doctor was as surprised as I was that my neck was so stiff yet not giving me any pain.

As for a third eyelid, that’s news to me. However, understanding that the owl uses it to cleanse the eye to clear its vision, is very apropos because I have a condition called dry eye, which requires drops and ointment at night to prevent my eyelid from sticking to my eyeball. Quite a connection.

Jamie Sams’ Medicine Cards state, “You are being asked to use your powers of keen, silent observation to intuit some life situation. Owl is befriending you and aiding you in seeing the total truth. Owl can bring you messages in the night through dreams or meditation. Pay attention to the signals and omens. The truth always brings further enlightenment.”

Cool beans.

I’m going to carry the Owl card in my wallet for a while and see what happens with this newfound energy.