July 11, 2010

The bluebird of happiness

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AKA "My bluebird of happiness"

First sighting: July 2, ~ 8:30 PM

Second sighting: July 10, ~ 3:20 PM

At the time of each sighting, I was on the phone with people I befriended during our 2005 trip to Egypt. A significant transformational event as no other in my life. I wonder what two sightings in a week will bring? My inner knowing is telling me it has to do with my work so stay tuned as there is a stirring afoot.

Significance of the bluebird

From Kala at http://www.exploreyourspirit.com/blog/category/kala/

The solar and lunar eclipse cycles this year (full moon eclipse on June 26 and solar new moon eclipse on July 11) will have the greatest effect on the cardinal signs of Capricorn, Aries, Libra and Cancer, especially those born early in the sign. For Capricorns, early in the sign would be those with December birthdays. These eclipses bring their strongest energy three days before and after the actual event dates, which has the July eclipse effect being felt beginning on the 8th. The after-effects of an eclipse continue to be felt for another six months.

The current powerful eclipse cycle marks a time of great change, and brings to a head decisions of priorities between home and career.

Eclipses bring things to a head and sound the clarion call to action. While many fear the swift changes that eclipses bring, in the long run they can be seen as helping to shake people from situations where they needed to make a change and were stalling for one reason or another. Eclipses open your eyes and leave you little room to continue to live as you were.

The eclipse in late June was an especially difficult and challenging period for Capricorns and Cancers and may have had them second guessing their decisions. The new eclipse delivers a more soothing energy in comparison to the one in June.

  • A good omen, considered to bring happiness, contentment and joy.
  • The bluebird visits a human and reports back to the gods, similar to the phrase, “a little bird told me”.
  • Prosperity, good luck, and the bluebird is the only bird considered not to have a dark side.
  • Symbol of changes and passages, bluebirds indicate that those who previously attempted to block our progress will now find themselves blocked and hindered.
  • Bluebirds are the magical color of the East and enhance the throat chakra and creative artistic impression.


From Ted Andrews, Animal Speak, book re: Bluebird

Keynote: Modesty, unassuming confidence and happiness

Cycle of Power: Winter and summer (changes of seasons)

Although once common, they are now quite rare. This is often a reminder that we are born to happiness and fulfillment, but we sometimes get so lost and wrapped up in the every day events of our lives that our happiness and fulfillment seem rare. When bluebirds show up as a totem, it should first of all remind you to take time to enjoy yourself.

Bluebird males are entirely blue, although occasionally there will be some warm reddish tones on the chest as well. Pay attention to the colors and where they are located. This will provide some insight.

Blue is associated with the throat chakra and creative expression. Blue is symbolic, so ask yourself what blue means to you personally. (NOTE TO SELF: ‘Got’ that Dad looked best in blue because of his pale blue/grey eyes although he had red in his eyes because of his glaucoma.)

The idea of the bluebird being symbolic of happiness is fairly recent.

This bird always has a plaintive song and a modest, unassuming appearance. Its shoulders are hunched up when perched, giving an impression as if ready to dive. This can be symbolic of a need to work hard and play hard. Are you trying to shoulder too much responsibility? (NOTE TO SELF: Have been complaining to Jill the trainer and Dr. Oh the chiropractor about my odd pain at the top and side of my shoulders.)

To the Pueblo, bluebirds are considered winter birds because they descend to the lowlands with the snow and cold during that season. This transition from winter to summer is dramatic in the area of the western home of the Pueblo. It is a transition from great coldness to summer heat.

This is symbolic of a passage, a time of movement into another level of being. Specifically, it is connected to the transformation of a girl into a woman. This, of course, has connection to human fertility and a new confidence and happiness in coming into your own.

Bluebirds are gentle and unaggressive, although very scrappy when threatened. Their homes usually have an entrance facing South, the direction for awakening the inner child.

If a bluebird has come into your life, look for opportunities to touch the joyful and intrinsically native aspects of yourself that you may have lost touch with.


August 18, 2009

A wonderful coinkydink today

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Cover of the book, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, by Patrick Lencioni

Cover of the book, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, by Patrick Lencioni


A few weeks ago, our corporate vice president, Terry Myerson, recommended one of his top business books, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team. I’m just finishing up the last couple of chapters and can’t wait to read it again and again.

About an hour ago, I received an email from a distribution list I’m on for a speaker series where Microsoft brings in world-class thought leaders and November’s speaker is Patrick Lencioni.

Coinkydink? I think not.

July 12, 2009

The owl of Minerva flies only at dusk

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I’m back from vacationing in Italia and trying to work through the jet lag, which is why I’m enjoying this article.

June 15, 2009

Microsoft talking about a new form of energy?

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I’m fascinated that Microsoft is promoting one of their stalwart enterprise-oriented products in a space-age (New Age?) kind of way.

Even the description from the New Zealand-based website speaks to me on many levels over and above just performance. Check it out:

“SQL Server enables you to store data from structured, semi-structured and unstructured documents, such as images and music, directly within the database. And it includes integrated services that enable you to query, search, synchronise, report and analyse your data.”

When I read “structured, semi-structured and unstructured”, I instantly visualized fractals, like a Mandlebrot set. As if SQL Server were storing all this different data and when you queried, it displayed the data Photosynth-like with fragments of music and numbers overlaid on the photos. 

Hmmm…I wonder if I momentarily invoked my 3rd eye?

May 12, 2009

My first Examiner.com article is now live!

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Check it out and leave a comment 🙂


I’ll be writing 1-2 short articles a week about Windows Mobile as well as other innovative Microsoft products and technologies so check back regularly. You can also access my articles on their mobile site, www.m.examiner.com

Happy reading!

April 6, 2009

Identifying Future Skills for Technical Communicators: An Action Plan

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Based on a technical article in the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers journal, iexplore

Here are some notes I took from a future skills lecture sponsored by the Society for Technical Communication-Puget Sound Chapter:


Why do we need to identify future skills?

• Continuous technological advancements

• Evolution of technical communications means we need to adapt


What process did Boeing use to identify future skills?

 • Brainstorming*

• Analyze trends

    o Industry

    o Technological

• Consult journal articles

• Scrutinize organizational resources

    o Current skills

    o Customer requirements

    o Correlation of skills to requirements

• Work assignments

• Job descriptions

• Talk to our customers


Findings General

• Broaden expertise to include more business-related skills

• Manage contracted services

• Participate in service integration


• Want proactive partners skilled in leveraging information

• Don’t want support staff

The Ideal Communicator

• Possesses required skills to design, develop, and provide information

• Provides quick turnaround The Myth of Versatilists

• Success in IT will depend less on, say, development know-how or engineering savvy and more on a multilayered amalgam of business connections, strategic planning and marketing expertise.


How to continue to identify future skills

• Analyze current job descriptions and identify changing areas

• Analyze external drivers affecting a company’s goals and mission

• Determine current tools or technologies for acquiring and sharing future skills information

• Join professional organizations

• Attend conferences and seminars

• Adopt mentality of versatilists

• Join SIGs

• Develop a lifelong learning plan to stay abreast of rapid development

• Focus on training that emphasizes skills, not specific tools

• Remain nimble, adaptable, and responsive

*Brainstorming areas of future skills with a focus on processes/skills over tools

• Gestural design

• Animation and virtual 3D

• Editorial


 • Mobile development

• Adaptability

• Content management systems

• Collaboration processes

• Telecommuting

• Instructional videos

• Be catalyst for change and showing value added

• Presentation skills (know how to present projects/models for a changing environment)

• International standards and regulations

• Reuse/single sourcing • Localization and customization

• Interactive assistance


• Usability

• Entertaining documentation

• Podcasting/webinars/mobinars

• Miniaturization/robotics

• More need to 508 compliance (accessibility guidelines; more alt text is read by computers than people)

• Touch screens versus keyboards

• More reliance on professional associations to update a technical communicator’s skills

• Content analyst

• Functional analyst

• Project/performance manager

• Games (as a teaching tool)

• Speech recognition tools

• Social media technologies

• Multiplicity of common mechanisms (phone, PC, e-mail, twitter, SMS/MMS)

• Company reputation management

• Outsourcing (and understanding ROI & metrics)

• Self-management skills

• Thought leadership

• Learn how to target women, the very young, and the very old